Jam Sessions at the Java Hut, Worcester, MA USA
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Group photos taken at our Jam Session at the Java Hut, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
...to introduce you to just a few of our friends:

1nsert photo for Worcester Phoenix Magazine front page cover story, Feb 19, 1999 September 2003 - out in back of the Java Hut
From left to right: From left to right:
Jim Allard alto and soprano saxophones, and flute (rear)
Musicien Mysterioso  (front)
Marc Respass, electric bass (middle)
Rocco Savino, drums (rear)
Joe Lis, drums (front)
Jerry Sabatini, trumpet (rear)
Jay Tyer, guitar (front with guitar)
Rich Ardizzone, trombone (middle)
Matt Brown, electric and upright bass (far rear)
Phil Madison, upright bass (rear with hat)
Dave Handrick, baritone sax (front)
Joel Rivard, very fast Strat guitar (rear, with the very fast Strat guitar)
Ed Conley, drums (front)
Stan Birdwell, guitar
Rich LaPlante, guitar
Joe Lis, drums

Jay Tyer, guitar
Paul Michael Neuman, upright bass
Ed Conley, drums
Sam Politz, keyboard (sitting / green shirt)
Jesse Rosenfield, drums (in the shadows)

Mike Phillips, drums (with sunglasses)
Bob Zabielski, alto flute (hidden behind Ed)
Karen Quatromoni, guitar
Larry Vigneault, guitar
Curran Kelleher, guitar
Yet another Musicien Mysterioso... where do these folks come from!!?